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Tethered Drone Systems (TDS) have created a Tethered UAV, the only one fully designed, developed and manufactured in the UK with its capabilities, with extended flight duration of 24 hours or more and with secure communication via the tether.

Already with a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) the platform is very stable and uses secure power line communication (PLC) to send telemetry up and bring HD video or data streaming down to the base station. The platform can carry a range of interchangeable payloads to meet all client needs, with a variety of CCTV with IR and thermal imaging as standard. Multi use for broadcasters – especially outdoor sporting events, plus the blue light services including search and rescue, with autonomous flight this system will revolutionize high risk maintenance inspections for oil and gas platforms and wind farms – both on and offshore.

design and build

Initial R&D was undertaken by the renowned UAS engineers at the University of Southampton as a consultation project. TDS are now beyond R&D on the bespoke designs and development of upgraded power and secure data communication via the ground station and the TUAS.


TDS have been very lucky in having a lead investor like The British Robotics Seed Fund, not only have they invested cash but also considerable time, energy and ideas into the business. Britbots invests across UK based robotics, AI and innovation driven start up businesses and they have also created a number of network opportunities for TDS into angel investor groups. TDS has HMRC Advance Assurance for SEIS / EIS investment funding and continues to seek investment groups or individuals with a similar mindset to Britbots.

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tethered uav features


continuous flight

Free flying drones are ideal in many situations but not when the situation requires a continuous ‘on station’ solution that can remain in flight all day and all night. Carrying a payload to meet the situational requirements with fully autonomous flight. Ground generated power transmitted up the drones lightweight tether maintains a stable and constant flight ceiling ensuring the payload is deployed for the whole time it is required.


drone tether

The tether is very strong, lightweight and rated for high voltage power transmission, either mains or generated power. The drone tether is deployed via a TDS designed and developed intelligent powered winch with a strength capability of 1200N. The intelligent winch communicates with the flight controller to maintain the flight ceiling and GPS position at all times and in adverse weather conditions.


secure communications

The payload deployed is key and clients want the guarantee that all data transmitted both up and down the tether is totally secure. The transmission of telemetry data up and returning live broadband quality HD Video or data from on board sensors is FIPS compliant secure TLS encryption. There can be no data capture or telemetry jamming to compromise the operational deployment of this tethered drone.

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